Epic's First 50 Firkin Fiasco

13 September 2013

To celebrate the opening of its new Denver taproom and The Great American Beer Festival, Epic Brewing is hosting a special event on October 10th. Epic Brewing’s First 50 Firkin Fiasco will feature fifty unique firkins that highlight Epics beer portfolio and the creativity of their brewers and cellar staff.  The event will begin at 3:00pm and conclude by 11:00pm.

The taproom will be open to the general public and will have 10 firkins available. A VIP pass will be offered for $55.00 which includes an event T-shirt, gift bag (glassware and logo goods) and access to the full brewery and all 50 firkins. The brewing staff from Salt Lake City and Denver will be on hand to discuss the beers, as VIP’s explore the brewery. Food vendors will be onsite during the event and passes will include a food voucher. The VIP passes are very limited, and are available for purchase from: http://50firkins.eventbrite.com  Don’t miss a great opportunity to explore our brand new brewery and taproom!

“We have been building our real ale program for the past few years and this is the perfect stress test for the brew and our staff. We are going to have fun with it, even if it is a fiasco. So come sample the unique brews we’ve come up with,” says Dave Cole, Epic’s Co-Founder.

Some of the firkins that will be on tap include: Imperial IPA high krausened with Hopulent IPA and cask hopped with whole leaf Cascade, Imperial Red Ale with cocoa nibs, Utah Sage Saison with cracked black pepper corns, Brainless Golden Ale high krausened with Hopulent IPA and cask hopped with whole leaf Amarillo, Spiral Jetty with Chipotle Peppers, Imperial IPA with toasted coconut flakes, and Captn’ Crompton’s Pale Ale high krausened with Hopulent IPA and cask hopped with whole leaf Chinook.

“Firkins are a perfect 10.8 gallon opportunity to just go wild with flavors, and experiment with unusual hops and other ingredients. They are unfiltered and the flavors, especially cask hops, really stand out because it is served so fresh,” explains Brewmaster Kevin Crompton.