Epic Pie and Beer Day Pairings

19 July 2013

July 24 is not only Pioneer Day it's also Pie and Beer Day. While not a common pairing, beer for desert is a great summer treat. The beer geeks at Epic have come up with 14 unique pairings of beer and pie, ranging from classic to the unusual. Don't be afraid to experiment. With over 30 beers to choose from Epic has a beer for every occasion. Don't forget we are open on holidays too.

Traditional Pies:

Cherry Pie with Brainless Belgian Golden Ale
Lemon Meringue with Wit Beer
Rhubarb Pie with Straight up Saison *Geeks choice

Savory Pies:

Lamb Shepard’s Pie with Smoked Porter
Quiche with Copper Cone Pale Ale
Spanakopita with Pfeifferhorn Lager

The Fruit Beers:

Brainless Raspberries with Custard Pie
Brainless on Cherries with Chocolate Satin Pie
Brainless on Peaches with Pecan Pie *Geeks choice
Sour Apple Saison with Marlborough Pie and extra sharp cheddar cheese

Off the beaten path:

Mid Mountain Mild with Mince Pie
Barley Wine with Sweet Potato Pie
825 State Stout with Chess Pie
Smoked and Oaked with Shoofly Pie *Geeks choice