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Chef Cole's Thanksgiving Stuffing with Mid Mountain Mild

18 November 2015
Mix up your Grandma's stuffing recipe this year with by adding some beer. Here is how the executive chef at The Annex by Epic Brewing…

Smoked Porter Brined Turkey Recipe

18 November 2015
Booze up your bird this Thanksgiving with Epic’s beer brine and malt extract glaze recipe featuring Smoked Porter. We're also fans of using Utah Sage…

2014 Denver Taproom Cookie Contest Winner

18 November 2015
Kristi PeltzMeyer Lemon Utah Sage Saison Squares paired with Utah Sage Saison Brown Butter Lemon SquaresMakes 24 lemon squaresThough it makes 24 nice-size squares, 20you…

A Passion for Boldness

17 September 2015
Head Cellarman Ryan Buxton discusses Big Bad Baptist The first thing you should know is “the cellar” isn’t some barrel-vaulted stone chamber tucked under a…